InBefore404 monitors web pages for changes using Watch Threads. When you add a watch thread, it downloads the html for the page to the folder you choose then downloads all of the links from that page.  When enough time has passed it will check again, and if the page has changed it will save another html and download all of the new links.

InBefore404 will download up to 5 files at once. If a

In the preferences, set your download folder and update timer. Each watch thread you add will have its own folder under this download folder.

Use the Quick Add in the Main Window, enter or paste a URL into the address box. Pressing the + button will start the downloader. A sub-folder will be created based on the address. Eg. if the address is, then a folder 12345 will be created for all of the downloads for this watch thread.

With an Advanced Watch, you can specify the target folder, choose a longer or shorter timer, use login credentials to access a website, or specify the types of files you would like to retrieve.

The downloader will retrieve the html, and any images linked from that address. After the timer interval, it will check the URL again; and if there are any changes it will save a new html file and download any new linked images.

InBefore404 will download up to 5 items at once. There are two levels of priority for downloads – New URLs and Updates have a higher priority than links found on those pages.

The shortest timer you can set is 30 seconds.

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